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Technika DAB-108P

Tested at £50

A very likeable and listenable radio from Tesco

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  • Clear sound and timing
  • good display
  • relatively clear, detailed sound


  • Finicky controls
  • headphones aren'
  • t very secure

Available on the Tesco Direct website, this radio doesn't look particularly inspiring.

But, you'll be pleasantly surprised by the Technika's exceptionally clear display. Icons and station names are easy to see and although the control ‘ring' is a tad finicky, this is nothing compared to the problems faced by some comparably priced radios.

It's powered by a couple of AAA batteries.

The supplied headphones aren't the most secure of fits, but the sound produced by the radio is clear, relatively detailed and timing isn't too bad at all.

For the money, there's a lot to like.

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