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  1. B&W P5 Wireless

    B&W P5 Wireless

    Reviewed on 10th July 2015
    Price when reviewed £330

    Best wireless headphones £250+, Awards 2015. Bowers & Wilkins enters the Bluetooth headphone market. Do the B&W P5 Wireless cans have what it takes to compete?

  2. Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2

    Bowers & Wilkins P5 Series 2

    Reviewed on 9th February 2015
    Price when reviewed £250

    With gorgeous looks and a stunningly impressive sound, the updated B&W P5s are the new headphones to beat

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  3. B&W P7

    B&W P7

    Reviewed on 7th August 2014
    Price when reviewed £330

    Best portable on-ears £300+, Awards 2013. Great headphones – the P7s still set the standard at this price

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  4. B&W P3

    B&W P3

    Reviewed on 21st May 2012
    Price when reviewed £170

    Stylish and sonically talented, but newer rivals have the edge

  5. B&W C5

    B&W C5

    Reviewed on 27th October 2011
    Price when reviewed £150

    Premium feel, unrivalled power and weight, but overcooked bass

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  7. B&W P5

    B&W P5

    Reviewed on 16th April 2010
    Price when reviewed £250

    Beautiful to look at, and, in the main, listen to as well, these B&W P5s are a sound investment for your iPod or MP3 player

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