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  1. AKG N40

    AKG N40

    Reviewed on 9th September 2016
    Price when reviewed £350

    With the right source, these AKGs are awesome

  2. AKG K92

    AKG K92

    Reviewed on 16th August 2016
    Price when reviewed £50

    AKG strikes gold with these great value headphones

  3. AKG K52

    AKG K52

    Reviewed on 3rd August 2016
    Price when reviewed £30

    These K52s sound much better than you’d expect from budget headphones

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  4. AKG N90Q

    AKG N90Q

    Reviewed on 18th December 2015
    Price when reviewed £1300

    These high-end headphones are packed with some interesting tech...

  5. AKG N60 NC

    AKG N60 NC

    Reviewed on 22nd October 2015
    Price when reviewed £230

    Best noise-cancelling headphones under £250, Awards 2015. These entertaining, noise-cancelling cans give the established class-leaders a serious run for their money...

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  7. AKG Y50BT

    AKG Y50BT

    Reviewed on 19th October 2015
    Price when reviewed £150

    Best wireless headphones under £200, Awards 2016. These AKGs are quite something - Bluetooth headphones that sound just as good as their wired counterparts...

  8. AKG Y40

    AKG Y40

    Reviewed on 13th March 2015
    Price when reviewed £70

    Unbalanced, unrefined performance – these aren't the AKGs we’re used to

  9. AKG Y45BT

    AKG Y45BT

    Reviewed on 27th November 2014
    Price when reviewed £110

    Not a stunning pair of Bluetooth headphones, but the AKG Y45BTs are solid-sounding

  10. AKG K812

    AKG K812

    Reviewed on 12th September 2014
    Price when reviewed £1100

    Pamper the K812s and you get a wonderfully faithful sound that’s as insightful as we’ve heard from headphones at this price

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  11. AKG Y50

    AKG Y50

    Reviewed on 14th August 2014
    Price when reviewed £80

    Product of the Year, Awards 2016. Excelling in sound and style, the Y50s hang on to their Product of the Year accolade for the third year in a row.

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