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Tivoli Audio iYiYi review

Just add your iPod for what's virtually a micro system – great sound quality and decent FM/AM reception make for a versatile speaker dock. Price is now £189

Our Verdict

Very good, and has had a price cut


  • Great sound that puts it up there with the best


  • Still pricey
  • Silly name
  • Looks

Tivoli's iYiYi has a lot to prove in this sector. Yes, it sounds great for a dock, but its looks are an acquired taste, it's hardly cheap (even if the price has fallen from £275 to £189 since we first tested it), and that name? Sheesh…

The unit comes with a universal dock, and the ability to charge your iPod. The radio offers both RDS FM and AM channels, with a built-in antenna, meaning less clutter. There's the obligatory alarm clock, as well as a reasonable selection of connectivity, including record out and auxiliary in. The iYiYi also has rubberised knobs, which will be handy for those slippery bedroom moments. The remote control gives good control over the system.

Quality to take on the best docks

Sonically, the iYiYi is very good indeed, and better than most products in its class. The sound is detailed, the bass speedy and clear, while the treble is more than adequate. We tried Jacques Dutronc's Et Moi, Et Moi, Et Moi on it and the timing held up well, as did the midrange. Overall, it's a winning sound.

Still, we're not entirely convinced about this system: the looks we can just about live with, but that price-tag is still on the steep side...