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Samsung Tic Toc 4GB review

Comes in a choice of colours and has shake controls, but sound quality puts us off Tested at £30

Our Verdict

The kids might be smitten, but the controls and sound quality put us off


  • Novel twist on the screen-less portable
  • clip accessory is neat
  • affordable


  • Control methods are ultimately confusing and impractical
  • sounds is average

This Samsung is probably aimed at children. From the Tic Toc name, through the choice of colours, to the amaze-your-friends shake controls, it’s hoping to catch the kids before they get smitten with a smartphone.

AAA-battery-sized, you can sit the Tic Toc in a see-through holder complete with clip, while a pyramid-shaped USB charger connects the Tic Toc to your computer.

Install the music software to group tracks by tempo, allowing you to choose a slow or fast playlist. There are voice prompts, too.

The built-in motion sensor means you skip tracks and adjust the volume by pressing the end button while holding the Tic Toc in a certain way.

We’ve got no doubt the kids would master it eventually, but for us it seems a little too involved, confusing and – most importantly – unreliable.

Sonically, it’s no great shakes – excuse the pun – and the earphones, while snug-fitting, struggle when pushed. Points for trying but execution misses the target.

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