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One For All Xsight Plus review

With this swank zapper you can control your system without ever connecting to a computer Tested at £50

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

The Xsight Plus is an excellent universal remote for simple and advanced systems alike


  • Very straight-forward
  • well built
  • can contol 12 devices


  • Not Mac-compatible

One-for-All is after Logitech’s universal remote crown.

This nice-looking and well built zapper can control twelve devices, and has a straightforward computer-based calibration program that asks what kit you’ve got and helps you set up multi-device activities.

Unlike Logitech’s Harmony range, you can also control your system without ever connecting to a computer.

This on-remote setup doesn’t include those activity macros, but if you’ve got a fairly basic system (one without a multi-input AV amp), it works a treat.

The bright colour screen for context-sensitive control and full backlight help make using the control a pleasure, as well as make it seem worth much more than £50.

You’ll need to buy four AAA batteries for it separately and the software isn’t Mac-compatible, but other than that the One-for-All is very hard to fault.

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