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NEWS: Wireless USB 'phones from Hauppauge

You may know Hauppauge for its shiny little TV tuners or assorted PC peripherals, but here's something a little different. The XFones PC-2400 are wireless, USB headphones, designed to deliver an idiot-proof way of listening to your PC or Mac's tunes on headphones, without the need for cables...

The XFones boast wireless, 2.4Ghz compatibility, as well as supporting 'Dolby Headphone' technology for decoding Dolby Digital 5.1 from your movies to your headphones.

Operating on a simple plug-and-play basis, the XFones just connect simply via USB to any Mac or PC, and then beam your tunes to your ears while you do the washing up.

The 'phones weigh just 260g, without batteries, and boast 4cm drivers. Lob in three AAA batteries to get them up and running, and you can expect up to 10 hours of continuous listening.

Available at the end of November – hmm, that must be pretty soon, then – the XFones will retail at £80. We'll bring you a review in the February issue of the magazine, out January 10th.

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