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Government to introduce new energy labels for TVs from June 20

Energy rating label

The Government is to introduce a new energy labelling system for electrical goods, including TVs, from June 20th.

The new labels will introduce the A+ and A++ ratings, with the ultimate A+++ score coming into force when qualifying products become available. They also show the amount of energy the product uses in kWh.

To help shoppers choose the most energy-efficient products, the Government has also released a YouTube video to explain the changes. This will be backed up by point-of-sale leaflets in stores.

Energy ratings are also expected to appear in advertisements. Other products covered by the scheme include washing machines, fridge-freezers and dishwashers, with boilers and vaccum cleaners to follow.

Environment secretary Caroline Spelman says: "“Consumers want to make the right decisions when buying new goods that use less energy and bring down household bills.

“These new energy saving ratings will help people make the right choice when out shopping for TVs and white goods by choosing those which are rated the darkest green on the labels.”

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