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  1. Focal Sopra No.1

    Focal Sopra No.1

    Reviewed on 5th August 2016
    Price when reviewed £6600

    These are impressive and sophisticated speakers, but they just lack a bit of bite

  2. Focal Electra 1038Be

    Focal Electra 1038Be

    Reviewed on 15th June 2015
    Price when reviewed £7700

    Given plenty of room, these hefty floorstanders are wonderfully polished performers...

  3. Focal Aria 905

    Focal Aria 905

    Reviewed on 7th April 2015
    Price when reviewed £600

    The Focal Aria 905s are talented, confident-sounding standmounters, but can they be considered class leaders?

  4. Focal Universal Wireless Receiver

    Focal Universal Wireless Receiver

    Reviewed on 28th April 2014
    Price when reviewed £85

    This simplified take on a Bluetooth receiver isn’t without its quirks, but the Focal is a very talented performer

  5. Focal Aria 906

    Focal Aria 906

    Reviewed on 15th November 2013
    Price when reviewed £760

    A great set of speakers with a big, mature sound and plenty of skill to drive it

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  7. Focal Easya

    Focal Easya

    Reviewed on 13th November 2013
    Price when reviewed £1800

    There’s no arguing with the features and convenience here, but there are sonic compromises

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  8. Focal XS Book Wireless

    Focal XS Book Wireless

    Reviewed on 21st October 2013
    Price when reviewed £300

    A thoroughly listenable set of desktop speakers with stacks of detail and Bluetooth convenience, if not the last word in excitement

  9. Focal SM9

    Focal SM9

    Reviewed on 27th September 2013
    Price when reviewed £4580

    Accept that the SM9 was never intended as a domestic speaker and simply enjoy the brilliant performance 

  10. Focal Diablo Utopia

    Focal Diablo Utopia

    Reviewed on 13th December 2012
    Price when reviewed £7686

    Amazing design puts these stereo speakers at the top of the pile

  11. Focal XS Book

    Focal XS Book

    Reviewed on 1st February 2012
    Price when reviewed £300

    Focal brings hi-fi sound to the desktop