All three feature the same Aerofoil cone bass drivers found in the flagship 800 Series Diamond.

B&W has unveiled its new range of subwoofers. Named the DB Series, the trio feature the same Aerofoil cone bass drivers found in B&W's flagship 800 Series Diamond speaker. 

According to B&W, they're the most powerful subs it's ever produced. The DB1D, DB2D and DB3D follow in the footsteps of the DB-1, but incorporate new digital technologies. 

The DB1D is the largest, packing a whopping 2000W of power, while the other two boast 1000W of grunt apiece. All three have dual-opposed drive units and rigid cabinets that reduce distortion, providing deep, agile bass.

The Aerofoil cones are light, ultra-stiff transducers that resist bending or flexing for far longer than standard cones. This means they can deliver controlled bass with "outstanding precision", according to B&W.

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The DB2D has the same cone as the 800 D3, while DB1D features a massive 12in driver - B&W's largest cone ever.

The cones in all three are arranged in an opposed, balanced configuration, which was pioneered on the awesome PV1 subwoofer. This also helps reduce cabinet vibrations, which would otherwise colour the sound.

The new digital technologies B&W has incorporated in the digital pre-amp include Dynamic EQ and Room EQ, which make for precision performance. 

All three come in gloss black, satin white or rosenut and will be available in March. The DB1D costs £3750, the DB2D £2850 and the DB3D £1950.

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