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Yamaha V673 PCM issues!

Hi, I have been trying to remove the PCM audio signal and have had no luck. I can only get a very flat sound and cannot change this signal. Do we need the coaxil cable for the 7.1 from the satellite box or can we run this with the HDMI cable?

How do we change the audio signal to 7.1? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Very frustrated.


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RE: Yamaha V673 PCM issues!

Are you running a Sky box? If so, yes, you'll need to run a coaxial cable from the Sky box to the Yamaha receiver to get surround sound. And those programmes broadcast with surround sound will generally be 5.1, not 7.1.

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RE: Yamaha V673 PCM issues!

Think we need more info on yr setup. U need optical or digital coax from a sky box for DD sound. Most other boxes send thru hdmi. PCM suggests u are sending a Dolby PL signal to yr Yam. The Yam should indicate its sending signal to 7.1 speakers if it receives a PCM signal by processing. 

Beat me to it Andy. DD signal will be 5.1 but PL2 will process to 7.1

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