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Tidal lossless streaming now available on Sonos

Tidal is making big moves in the streaming world, with Jay Z set to relaunch the service in the US later today, and now Tidal is out of beta on Sonos - meaning any Tidal subscriber can listen through Sonos.

We're big fans of the CD-quality service - and indeed Sonos - so it's good to see Tidal follow the lead of Qobuz and appear as one of the "more than 60" music services available on Sonos.

Tidal aims to major on sound quality, offering lossless-quality streams, and curated content, with editorial content built around playlists. Jay Z's involvement - the rapper and business mogul bought the service for $56m - looks likely to only increase the level of artist involvement.

And Sonos CEO, John MacFarlane, seems particularly supportive of Tidal, saying: "Artists are more in tune than ever with how people are listening to their music. The game just changed – Tidal represents the future of music."

To get Tidal on Sonos simply hit 'Add Music Services' within the Sonos app to find Tidal among the list of services. You'll need to be a Tidal subscriber to use the service on Sonos.

Tidal claims to have a catalogue of "over 25 million CD-quality tracks" and 75,000 HD music videos, all available for a monthly subscription of £20/month.

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