Android Smartphones & Tablets


£ 399

The best tablet Sony has ever made, but still not the best Android tablet on the market

£ 0

The Samsung Galaxy S4 performs significantly better than its predecessor but has pressing issues with its interface, sound and picture quality

£ 170

No good as a video player, but for all of those other things the Versus is perfectly capable

£ 300

A low price but not low enough to be worth the sub-par performance

£ 600

The PadFone is still an excellent idea, but this one has too many niggles

£ 160

Not one for music buffs, but for everything else this is a great budget option

£ 330

Still one of the best Android tablets around, especially for movie buffs

£ 0

A great return to form for HTC, with a product that sets the bar high for new smartphones in 2013

£ 0

Sony stops playing catch-up and ups the ante with this multimedia monster

£ 0

Solid but uninspiring, the Razr i struggles to get us excited