What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Sun, 10 May 2009, 11:00pm

Roksan Caspian M-Series Phono SE

Tested at £1450

Four years after we first reviewed it, the M-Series Phono SE still makes a great deal of sense

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  • Impressive resolution
  • strong dynamics


  • You'
  • ll need a turntable costing £4000 upwards to get the best out of it

We last reviewed this Roksan phono stage back in 2005. We thought it was good then, and it remains so now.

But don't even think about buying it unless you have a good quality turntable that costs at least three times this money.

Given a suitable signal, the M-Series SE makes a great deal of sense. It's very well built, and its hefty weight indicates Roksan hasn't taken shortcuts with the power supply design.

Like any good phono stage this one is adjustable – cartridges work best when connected to a specific electrical load.

Your £1250 gets you impressive resolution, strong dynamics and a pleasing sense of sonic stability.

Listen to Bob Marley's Stir It Up and there's much to like about the Roksan's transparency, timing and insight.

All in all this remains a top-class performer for the cash.

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