What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Fri, 3 Jul 2009, 9:00am

Logic3 i-Station Rotate

Tested at £80

Thumping bass and the nifty rotation function make this Logic 3 iPod dock rather appealing

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  • Intriguing rotation function
  • good bass
  • simple to use


  • High frequencies stand out a bit

As you can probably tell from the model name, this dock has little trick up its sleeve.

If you have an iPod Touch or iPhone docked you can either have it standing upright or, you guessed it, you can rotate it through ninety degrees. The action is simple but extremely effective.

Compared to other similarly priced docks the Rotate has tub-thumping bass. Kanye West's Street Lights sounds powerful, purposeful and rhythmic.

By iPod dock standards, high frequencies don't sound particularly harsh or thin although they do sound separate, sticking out from the rest of the music.

Add the fully-functional remote and you can do a lot worse for the money.

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