What Hi Fi Sound and Vision Thu, 22 May 2008, 4:00pm

Bush DFTA 11

Tested at £30

A sturdy, easy-to-use product that offers a stable, detailed picture for a cheap price

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  • Good build quality
  • slick design
  • excellent pictures


  • Not much at this price

Compared to some of the set-top boxes we've tested, this offering from Bush boasts better-than-average build quality and slicker-than-average design.

Like most of the boxes here, the DFTA 11 carries a simple array of sockets: RF in and out, and two Scart outputs. Bush has also included a pair of analogue stereo audio outs for good measure.

Great value and performance
Set-up is straightforward and easy, and the on-screen menus are impressively slick and well designed. The unit responds well to remote commands – for ‘well' read ‘quickly'– and, all in all, the Bush DFTA 11 does its job with an air of efficiency and quality. In general terms, first impressions are very good indeed and not what you'd expect from a budget brand.

As we started to test the Bush, we were still waiting on a confirmation from the manufacturer of its price. As an excellent picture performance confirmed our initial impressions, we expected that the Bush would nudge towards the £50-£60 mark.

So when we discovered the Bush's actual price of just £30 (and less if you shop around), we slapped it with a five-star rating quicker than you could say the words ‘solid', ‘gold' and ‘bargain'. Great stuff.

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