1. Marantz PM6005

    Marantz PM6005

    Superb sound quality on a budget for your analogue and digital music

    Our rating
  2. Marantz M-CR610

    Marantz M-CR610

    Product of the Year, Awards 2013. Marantz has done it again: this is an excellent all-in-one system

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    Available from £429
  3. Marantz CD6005

    Marantz CD6005

    Best CD player up to £500, Awards 2013. A fantastic player and immense value for money. Its predecessor was already a winner, and this has topped i

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    Available from £279
  4. Marantz Consolette

    Marantz Consolette

    It’s no all-rounder, but the Consolette remains a unique AirPlay-and-more device that can sound simply gorgeous

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  5. Marantz UD7007

    Marantz UD7007

    Best Blu-ray player £300+, Awards 2013. It may be pricey, but in the right system it delivers in spades

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    Available from £479
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  7. Marantz PM6004

    Marantz PM6004

    Stereo amplifier Product of the Year 2011. A big step-up from the older 6003 version, and hard to fault at this price

    Our rating
    Available from £199.9
  8. Marantz CD6004

    Marantz CD6004

    Best CD player up to £500, Awards 2012. Marantz has made big improvements to its already brilliant CD player with the CD6004

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    Available from £249.99
  9. Marantz UD7006

    Marantz UD7006

    The Marantz UD7006 is a universal player that's master of all trades – including 3D

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  10. Marantz M-CR603

    Marantz M-CR603

    The Marantz M-CR603 is one slick, fully loaded little system that's more than capable of running top-notch speakers

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  11. Marantz SR7005

    Marantz SR7005

    Possibly the first bona fide alternative to the recognised class-leaders we've seen, this Marantz is well worth investigating

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