Bose VideoWave Weekend offers demos and deals

17 Oct 2012


Bose VideoWave

RGB Direct is running a Bose VideoWave Weekend this weekend, offering you the chance to learn all about the products and take advantage of some special deals.

The Bose VideWave Weekend runs from 19th-21st October at the RGB Direct stores in Ilford and Loughton. 

Visitors will have the chance to talk to staff about the systems and see demonstrations of the Bose home cinema systems in action, including the 46in and 55in Bose VideoWave II systems.

Exclusive offers are promised, including a special price on the limited edition gloss white Bose SoundDock, while there will also be a chance to win one of two Bose VideoWave II 55in entertainment systems worth £5500. 

Full details on the RGB Direct Bose VideoWave weekend and the two participating stores can be found on the RGB Direct website.

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Anyone tried the sei2's yet,what is the sound like compared to the ie2's?

I'm thinking of getting a pair to use as my ie2's are very comfy good sounding. I'm tempted to get a set of the se's to.