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Need som help upgrading my cables (mains,xlr)

I want to squeeze all the SQ out of my system and therfore i want to upgrade my cables (usb,mains,xlr).

I have ordered this usb cable https://www.nuforce.com/index.php?option=com_k2&view=item&layout=item&id=327&Itemid=2392 (same price as the supra costs in my country,that is a best buy on whathifi) from a german review translated using google.

Played beautifully taut, clearly structured, stable with clear edge sharpness is excellent at retaining the balance between timbres fullness and loose musical flow. Very smooth without swallow details. Price / performance hit.

This 2 x1.5 meter main (2 set) for my active speakers  http://www.whathifi.com/review/clearer-audio-copper-line-alpha-one-mains/user-reviews 89£ with delivery and  fuse CAIG DeoxIT Treatment (only 1£ each). If i want to pay a bit more i would go for the Xindak PC-03 (111£ for 2 set,1.5 meters each). Atm i am waiting for someone to contact me to give me a price on some mains.


The last thing i need is  2x 1 meter  xlr female,male (1 set) for 40£ with or without delivery (denmark), is there any xlr cable you would recommend me to buy that has a SQ the matches the other cables?


Do you think theres anything better i can buy for the price of all the cables (165-170£)?


I don't want to start a discussion about mains,xlr,usb cables if they do make a difference in SQ. Just want to get some help to choose the right cables for my system  for the price (165-170£).

In 6 month to a year i think i would upgrade my krk speakers to something better so i at that time the difference of using high performance cables would be more noticeable compared to standard/stock .


Ps if i for any reason want to get my money  back (mabye because of no big or noticeable difference to stock,standard cable) i can do that, even with the mains from clearaudio bougt from uk (60 days money back guarentee)

Hifi: Nad C 326BEE,Marantz CD5005, Triangle Elara LN-01 on isoacoustics 155 stands, 2x4 meter audioquest flx slip 14/4 speaker cable, M2Tech Hiface 2 into TC Electronic BMC-2 and supra digital interconnect from my pc/cdplayer