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BRISTOL NEWS: See Denon's Imperial Death Star Blu-ray system in action!

Yesterday we brought you news of Denon's amazing £60,000 Imperial Death Star Blu-ray Home Cinema system. Just in case you missed the original story, we can now bring you pictures of this amazing set-up.

It uses £60,000 worth of Denon electronics, including its new Blu-ray transport, and Denon's flagship AVP-A1 HDCI 12-channel preamp and POA-A1 HDCI 10-channel power amp (shown above).

Delivering 300w per channel in 5.2 mode, this set-up needs some seriously heavy duty speakers to handle the surround sound, so Denon has plumped for £20,000 worth of B&W 800 series speakers.

To see it in action here at the show, pop over to the Berlin Suite where Denon is using the Blu-ray disc of Earth: The Movie to show off the system's awesome sound and vision performance.

With a multichannel soundtrack specially recorded by the Berlin Philharmonic and 40 per cent of new high-definition footage from the original BBC Planet Earth series the film's based on, this is one demo not to be missed.

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