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  1. Philips HTS5563

    Philips HTS5563

    Reviewed on 20th July 2012
    Price when reviewed £400

    If space and budget are tight, then this system is a super solution

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  2. Philips HTS8140

    Philips HTS8140

    Reviewed on 12th November 2008
    Price when reviewed £600

    As long as you're not expecting 'proper' surround sound, this is an impressive do-it-all movie player

  3. Philips HTS-6510

    Philips HTS-6510

    Reviewed on 19th June 2008
    Price when reviewed £200

    Impressive picture performance and Ambisound technology spreads the sound and delivers a fair amount of detail

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  4. Philips HTS 6600

    Philips HTS 6600

    Reviewed on 30th November 2007
    Price when reviewed £500

    Looks aren't everything - the HTS660 fails to deliver on performance

  5. Philips HTS8100

    Philips HTS8100

    Reviewed on 15th August 2007
    Price when reviewed £700

    Although the picture is good, is the Philips' sound too weak to mount a decent challenge to its rivals?

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  7. Philips HTS9800W

    Philips HTS9800W

    Reviewed on 22nd September 2006
    Price when reviewed £650

    Cheaper rivals are setting high standards at lower prices, but the Philips HTS9800 is still a good buy

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  8. Philips WACS7000

    Philips WACS7000

    Reviewed on 20th September 2005
    Price when reviewed £700

    Multiroom is a real possibility for many due to this price and ease of use- it isn't jump up and down great on sound quality though