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  1. Buffalo Linkstation Mini 500GB

    Buffalo Linkstation Mini 500GB

    Reviewed on 13th April 2010
    Price when reviewed £170

    The Buffalo Linkstation Mini may be small, but it's extremely proficient and full of clever features

  2. Buffalo Linkstation Duo 1TB

    Buffalo Linkstation Duo 1TB

    Reviewed on 29th March 2010
    Price when reviewed £190

    This Buffalo's a perfectly useable NAS, but those in search of oodles of features would do better looking elsewhere

  3. Buffalo Terastation

    Buffalo Terastation

    Reviewed on 8th May 2008
    Price when reviewed £430

    Buffalo's TeraStation Live Network Attached Storage (NAS) box has one terabyte of hard-disk capacity - that's over 1000GB, enough for 3000 Apple Lossl

  4. Buffalo LinkTheater

    Buffalo LinkTheater

    Reviewed on 23rd July 2007
    Price when reviewed £100

    This media streamer is hampered by lack of an HDMI connection, and limited format support

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