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NTFS external Hard drives LIMITED compatibiity

It seems NTFS Hard drives can only be read on pc/mac.   as the majority of tv/video manufactures are sticking with FAT32. I have purchased a WD 2TB EXTERNAL hard drive wich cannot play movies or home videos on any of my 2year+ tv,blu-ray,ps3.  I know i can format to FAT32 but files seem to be getting larger than 4gb limitations of FAT32.  I am looking at the new pioneer bdp-lx55 and do not understand if it is NTFS compatible to play my home movies from my WD 2TB . Where will it tell me in the SPEC.  Thank you for any heip.

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RE: NTFS external Hard drives LIMITED compatibiity

No clue without looking into it - sorry


But the Oppo 93 and 95s both allow NTFS drives (As well as streaming and probably the best file compatability of 'any' machine)

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RE: NTFS external Hard drives LIMITED compatibiity

They can't be read on a mac either (unless there's some clever doohicky out there that allows you to do it) - it's w windows thang.  The 751BD says it can read NTFS but I haven't tried it yet.

Will take a look at the Pio for you...

EDIT - Pioneer documentation spectacularly unhelpful in this regard (you probably knew this already)...

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RE: NTFS external Hard drives LIMITED compatibiity

the manual for the lx54 says fat32 only. I'd expect the 55 to be the same.


If you want to play movies I'd suggest a streamer like an ACRyan PlayonHD mini2 which will basically play any format - video or audio - and is around £80.




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RE: NTFS external Hard drives LIMITED compatibiity


NTFS drives are readable on a mac, but you can't write to them....unless you fancy downloading NTFS 3G and/or MacFuse and giving that a go !



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RE: NTFS external Hard drives LIMITED compatibiity

Hi, FAT32 isn't limited to 4gb. I have a 1tb hard drive converted to fat32 that my sony bdp s370 reads and plays back music and movies.

First download this to convert your drive to FAT32: http://download.cnet.com/CompuApps-SwissKnife-V3/3000-2248_4-10070864.html

The tool will convert your hard drive, depending on the size of it, you may find that only half of it has been converted. Don't worry if that is the case, all this means that the drive has been split into two partitions.

Use this to convert the other half of the drive: http://download.cnet.com/EaseUS-Partition-Master-Home-Edition/3000-2248_4-10863346.html

You can then either keep the hard drive as two partitions or merge both together so you have only one left.

Please be aware that before you do any of this you must back up anything on the hard drive as converting to FAT32 will wipe the hard drive completely.

Also the conversion will take up a little bit of memory.

hop that helps

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