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  1. Google Nexus 6P

    Google Nexus 6P

    Reviewed on 15th December 2015

    Improved Nexus doesn’t set the pulse racing...

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  2. Google Nexus 5X

    Google Nexus 5X

    Reviewed on 30th September 2015
    Price when reviewed £339

    The much-loved Google Nexus 5 finally gets a successor: the Nexus 5X. We've had a good play and here are our hands-on first impressions.

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  3. Google Nexus 6

    Google Nexus 6

    Reviewed on 4th March 2015

    Bigger may not be better in this instance, but the Nexus 6 still makes for a compelling smartphone all the same

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  4. Google Nexus 5

    Google Nexus 5

    Reviewed on 18th November 2013

    A decent all-rounder that remains a steal, but now left behind by new arrivals

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  5. Google Nexus 4

    Google Nexus 4

    Reviewed on 19th June 2013
    Price when reviewed £239

    Our once-favourite Android bows down to fine rivals. Still great value, though

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