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Arcam A19 vs A28

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RE: Arcam A19 vs A28

cse wrote:

plastic penguin wrote:

Define contemporary hi-fi?

Is this a serious question? Obviously, i mean those brands/items that are for sale at you local HIFI dealership.

My question would be, when did this trend begin? Can we pick out a specific or general era where this came to be generally true?

TBH, I could go to my closest dealer and find a mix of warm easy listening stuff as well as stuff that sounds a bit hard. I'd also want to be comparing like for like in terms of accounting for inflation. e.g. a 500 pound amp in the 80s would have been pretty pricey, so comparing it to a current 500 pound amp wouldn't really be accurate.


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RE: Arcam A19 vs A28

cse wrote:

CnoEvil wrote:

Bargains can be had with ex-display, B Stock, ex-dem and second hand from a reputable dealer (who takes trade-ins).....Mac usually has a good grasp of where the bargains are. If you start a thread on Sugden / Harbeth / Spendor, you will get good feedback, especially if you give an idea of where you live.

Hope this helps


Thanks again CnoEvil. I live in suffolk. However, I don't really want to audition any more, as I find the whole process misleading. I don't really trust my judgements in a dealership environment, where there is always a certain amount of pressure/expectation. My room is small, about 13ft long 9ft wide.

In which case you should find a dealer/s who will let you do a home trial of a Sugden + Harbeth / Spendor for a few days. This is an easy, pressure-free way of doing it......and I feel pretty confident that you would find it well worth the effort. 

I have the very same issues as you when playing Classical music through modern systems, and this is exactly the type of system I would have if I lived mostly on a diet of this genre of music.

As I said previously, Mac has great contacts for this sort of thing and could steer you right.........if you lived in NI I would be better able to help, as it's more my turf.


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