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Magicbox Nocturne XP2

Has anyone managed to get their hands on the Magicbox Nocturne XP2 yet?  It appeals to me because it has a great review from the What Hi Fi team as well as having internet radio and an iphone dock but as yet have been unable to see it in any shops or even online.  I believe Tesco did stock it but are now "out of stock". 

If anyone does own it I'd really appreciate your views on it and a clue as to where I can actually purchase it.  I have an iphone 3GS so would be curious if its compatible with it.  Is the sound quality really as good as the review says?  I almost bought the Revo IKON Digital Radio Dock for iPod and iPhone but after trying it out in a local shop I was dismayed to find the sound quality was dreadful!


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Re: Magicbox Nocturne XP2

Only place I can find it philman is Tesco Direct, but as you say it's currently out of stock. Clicky

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Re: Magicbox Nocturne XP2

Thanks for trying anyway Andy - much appreciated.

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Re: Magicbox Nocturne XP2

I can confirm that the XP-2 is compatible with the iphone 3GS although you get the message "This accessory is not optimised for the iphone ..." and I did notice the usual occasional interference you get when you place a mobile near a radio although not when the ipod was playing. So you probably wouldn't want to leave it docked except when you need to.

The sound is very good with a good depth - probably helped by the rear subwoofer. One problem with my XP-2 is very poor reception of DAB and FM radio although this doesn't worry me as I am using it linked to my ipod or internet.

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Re: Magicbox Nocturne XP2

Thanks for the info Mike,

As I couldn't find the Magibox anywhere (online or in the shops) I've splashed out on a  Pure Avanti Flow.  Much more than just an internet radio - sounds great too (and I'm very fussy).  I bought it from Amazon although I can't find it on there anymore.  Very pleased with the sound although the streaming menu could have been designed better.


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