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Blue Horizon Profono phono preamp aims to give your vinyl a boost

Blue Horizon Profono

Audio accessories specialist Blue Horizon has a new MM/MC phono preamplifier, the £695 Profono.

Two years development has gone into making it, with the aim of creating "a genuinely high-end solution at an affordable price" for those who want to make the most of their record collection.

The 'dip switches' used on cheaper phono stages are replaced by a system of plug-in shunt resistors to set input impedance accurately.

Those interchangeable shunt resistors plug in to a pair of RCA sockets on the Profono's back panel. Three sets are included as standard. If the user requires an alternative input impedance to suit a specific cartridge, Blue Horizon will custom build a pair of shunt resistors on request.

A rear-mounted toggle switch gives three settings for cartridge gain: moving coil low (50dB), moving coil high (61dB) and moving magnet (41dB).

The all-aluminium casework minimises interference, and there's an external power supply to keep noise and distortion as low as possible.

Blue Horizon says the Profono will be available in the UK from April in black or plain aluminium.

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