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Pure Digital One Elite review

Best desktop DAB up to £100, Awards 2010. Impressive DAB/FM radio. The strong tuner picks up a host of digital stations Tested at £70

5 Star Rating

Our Verdict

Best desktop DAB up to £100, Awards 2010. At the price and with this sound, the One Elite is a DAB/FM bargain


  • Well rounded, clear sound
  • impressive tuner
  • bags of features


  • Nothing of note

The Pure One Elite is the radio Pure hopes you will buy should you want something a bit more substantial than the Pure One Mini.

In many ways it is a bigger, stereo version. There's a, perhaps more mature, matt finish, and there's the addition of the ability to pause, rewind and fast forward live radio. This ‘Revu' button automatically records the past 15 minutes so you can always rewind if you missing something.

It all works well with intuitive, slick controls and interface. The strong tuner picks up a host of digital stations, sounding well-rounded, clear, detailed and musical.

FM is every bit as impressive, with open and authoritative vocals. Bass is bouncy and tight, treble is sparkly and midrange is clear and detailed. For £65 this is a FM/DAB bargain.

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