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Pro-Ject unveils RPM1 Carbon turntable

The RPM1 Carbon features a low resonance chassis and a newly-designed, inverted platter bearing with a ceramic ball, which Pro-Ject claims reduces unwanted "rumble". A decoupled 15V AC motor with DC power supply aims to deliver "enhanced speed stability".

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A brand new, 8.6in S-Shaped carbon fibre tonearm with aluminium core has been fitted to the RPM1 Carbon. Pro-Ject claims the new tonearm is "super-light" yet "extremely solid".

A three-step production process sees the arm tested to withstand heat and pressure, with Pro-Ject suggesting the arm is more solid than ever with "unwanted resonances effectively eliminated".

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The counterweight has its own ring of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) damping, and the deck is supplied with a pre-fitted 2M Red cartridge ensuring set-up should be simple.

The Pro-Ject RPM1 Carbon is available now in black, red and white for £325.

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