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NEWS UPDATE: 3G iPhone as soon as tomorrow?

UPDATE: Both the UK and US Apple stores have sold out of the 8GB and 16GB models, and aren’t replenishing stock. That's on top of Carphone Warehouse and O2's depleted store cupboards.

Apple’s fondness for updating its online store on a Tuesday means our basic arithmetic involving the number '2' has us thinking there could be a new iPhone as soon as tomorrow... Read our iPhone story from last week below.

We wouldn't blame you for being sick to the back teeth of news and rumours regarding Apple's iPhone.

Nevertheless we feel duty bound to keep you up-to-date, so here's as close to concrete proof of an imminent new version (most likely a 3G iPhone): O2 is no longer selling the original models – the 8G and 16G – as confirmed on the company's website here.

We have covered the extensive rumours in detail on this website, see here and indeed here, and it now looks for sure like a new model is imminent.

While there's no denying the iPhone is pretty smart already, we would naturally welcome the faster browsing that 3G should bring... For now, we wait with bated breath.

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