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NEWS: More pink 'Pod products

Did you know that Apple doesn't make a white iPod any more? Yep, it's true. 'iPod white', the product colour that spawned a thousand similarly-coloured accessories, is no more, and indeed has been for some time. The latest hue to grace Apple's all-powerful portable is pink, no doubt with a certain date in February in mind. So, quick as a flash, Intempo claims to be first to market with a speaker dock to match it – the iDS-01NRX, now available in pink.

While we're in the habit of bringing you not-actually-that-obscure AV facts, you might also be interested to hear that this was the best-selling speaker dock at Christmas. Or so Intempo tells us.

Yours for just £40, the iDS-01NRX has 12-watt speakers, a credit card sized remote and touch sensitive controls. Mains-powered, the dock will play and charge your iPod, while there's also a 3.5mm minijack input for other portables and a USB input. Check out the Intempo website or Amazon to pick-up something pink for you 'Pod.

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