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HiFi Headphones demo room lets you try before you buy

HiFi Headphones has opened its first headphone showroom, giving customers the chance to try before they buy from a wide range of headphones.

The purpose-built demo room is the online retailer’s first bricks-and-mortar facility and an attempt at creating an ideal testing environment.

The room is equipped with hi-fi equipment such as DACs and headphone amps, so you can try a range of headphones with a range of different kit.

As well as trying the headphones with HiFi Headphones' lossless music library, visitors can also bring their own music to use.

The range of headphones available include STAX, Burson, Grado, HiFiMAN, Ultrasone, Graham Slee, Beyerdynamic and Audio-Technica products, including the Gradio GS1000 and Beyerdynamic T1 cans.

There is a library of lossless audio on hand, processed by an RME Pro Audio DAC, and staff will be on hand to fine-tune the set-up and cater for specific requirements.

The room is by appointment only so for more information check out the HiFi Headphones website.

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