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Myryad MXP2000 review

A very exciting sounding preamp with six line inputs, but left us feeling slightly unsatisfied as it could have delivered more Tested at £900.00

Our Verdict

Works well with the company’s MXA2150 power amp, but can sound a bit safe


  • Good sense of control and grip


  • Lacks some transparency

The MXP combines with Myryad's MXA2150 power amp to make a very accomplished pre/power pairing, but we're left with the impression that the power amp has even more to give.

The preamp is flexible enough, with six line inputs including Line Direct, which offers the cleanest path through the circuitry, twin tape loops and two sets of preouts, along with remote control. It's also simple to use, and can control other Myryad components using the My-Link remote control.

Good detail, but there are slight treble flaws
And the sound is dynamic and exciting, with good detail and drive, although tonal balance is a bit lean at the bass end, which emphasises the speed and articulation in the lower ranges

The top end isn't so pleasing, however: it lacks richness and sounds forward, which can make rough recordings sound worse. Good system-matching helps, but even then there isn't the fluidity or spaciousness you'd get from the best preamps at this level.

The MXP2000 is capable enough, but it sells its partnering power amp a bit short.


General Information

Product NameMyryad MXP2000