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Myryad MXA2150 review

Solid build and solid sound: this amp can deliver huge dynamic swings effortlessly, bludgeoning speakers into submission with ease Tested at £1300.00

Our Verdict

The partnering preamp can be bettered, but this is a superb, and highly flexible, power amplifier


  • Plenty of control, power and grip
  • magnificent dynamics


  • Nothing of any significance

The MXA2150 looks fairly chunky for a stereo power amp, even one delivering 2x150w. It stands 19cm tall, meaning it dwarfs the partnering MXP2000 preamp, and has a lot of space on the rear panel. Unusually, too, it's the only power amp in Myryad's MX range, whereas most manufacturers offer a couple, or even a whole line-up.

But then this is no ordinary power amp: it's a modular design, to which optional amplifier ‘cards' can be added. The add-ons come in two versions – either the 150w ones fitted here or 2x80w units – and these can be mixed and matched as required.

And with seven ‘slots' available, that means this stereo amp can turn into anything up to a fourteen-channel unit, able to drive two complete 7.1-channel systems or indeed biamp every speaker in a single 7.1-channel set-up.

Every channel has a standard phono input and a directly-linked phono output, so even more amps can be daisychained, and the unit also has both 12V trigger switching and Myryad's own My-Link remote control.

Massive build, massive sound
The build is solid and massive throughout and there's also extensive protection circuitry built-in to avoid damage to either amp or your speakers.

The MXA2150's sound is also solid and massive: the 150W amp module can deliver up to 230W into 4ohms, so speaker matching shouldn't be a problem, and the amp can deliver huge dynamic swings effortlessly, bludgeoning speakers into submission with ease.

And it's not just the dynamic ability that impresses: there's detail and drive, too, with speed and articulation in the lower ranges, Rarely do we come across an amp with so much grip in this region. This is an exceptional amplifier.


General Information

Product NameMyryad MXA2150