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Big, bold and brutally entertaining, the Boom Dock does exactly what it says on the tin
Goes very deep
exciting delivery
impressive for the price
A touch brash
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Load your iPod into KitSound's Boom Dock, and its name seems particularly apposite. For a £100 dock system, it fairly thunders.

We've not heard a price rival that can go anywhere near as loud or deep as this box of tricks.

While it's true that it's occasionally a little brash at the very top end, that's not enough to undermine the obvious value on show.

The Boom Dock's prowess comes, in part, because it's such a hefty unit. Its forward-firing satellite drive units are bolstered by a downward-firing 13cm subwoofer with 22W of output – plenty, in iPod dock terms.

Unusually, it also includes both an AM/FM tuner and line-level inputs for other sources, and there's an iPod-controlling remote control too, plus clock-radio functionality.

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It's very impressive, the Boom Dock, and for £100 it certainly does the job.

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