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  1. Toshiba BDX5500

    Toshiba BDX5500

    Reviewed on 20th February 2015
    Price when reviewed £120

    Worth a try if you need to save space, but you can do better for the money

  2. Toshiba SB3950M1

    Toshiba SB3950M1

    Reviewed on 19th January 2015
    Price when reviewed £190

    A good sound at a decent price: that’s the Toshiba’s promise, and it’s one we like

  3. Toshiba SBX4250

    Toshiba SBX4250

    Reviewed on 5th March 2014
    Price when reviewed £205

    Average sound, average looks and good connections. The same money can buy better

  4. Toshiba BDX5400

    Toshiba BDX5400

    Reviewed on 18th February 2014
    Price when reviewed £80

    A disappointing Blu-ray player that looks good and saves space

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  5. Toshiba BDX1250

    Toshiba BDX1250

    Reviewed on 29th November 2011
    Price when reviewed £140

    Few frills or thrills can be had from the Toshiba BDX1250

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  7. Toshiba BDX3100

    Toshiba BDX3100

    Reviewed on 17th January 2011
    Price when reviewed £185

    After having missed out initially with Blu-ray, Toshiba is catching up fast and the solidly performing and inexpensive BDX3100 is a worthy player

  8. Toshiba BDX2100

    Toshiba BDX2100

    Reviewed on 14th September 2010
    Price when reviewed £100

    Toshiba's BDX2100 Blu-ray player is certainly a bargain, but it needs a little bit more on the features front to keep pace with its rivals

  9. Toshiba XD-E600

    Toshiba XD-E600

    Reviewed on 18th December 2009
    Price when reviewed £80

    If for some reason you don't want to embrace Blu-ray, the XDE600 offers good value and decent upscaled images – and we've seen it even cheaper

  10. Toshiba BDX2000

    Toshiba BDX2000

    Reviewed on 14th December 2009
    Price when reviewed £200

    A solid Blu-ray player, but you can get better for your money

  11. Toshiba SD-390E

    Toshiba SD-390E

    Reviewed on 6th June 2009
    Price when reviewed £70

    The Toshiba SD-390E is certainly cheap and very cheerful. It has all the necessary functionality and delivers good pictures and sound