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  1. Sony Music Unlimited

    Sony Music Unlimited

    Reviewed on 31st March 2014
    Price when reviewed £5

    A promising service from Sony, let down by its offline playback quality

  2. Sony HAP-Z1ES

    Sony HAP-Z1ES

    Reviewed on 3rd February 2014
    Price when reviewed £2000

    Sony’s ventured into high-definition audio territory with impressive results - the HAP-Z1ES is a smartly designed, superb sounding piece of kit

  3. Sony SMP-N200

    Sony SMP-N200

    Reviewed on 18th November 2011
    Price when reviewed £100

    The N200 is a competent, easy to use device offering a wide range of content

  4. Sony SMP-N100

    Sony SMP-N100

    Reviewed on 7th February 2011
    Price when reviewed £120

    Sony's first stab at the music server market is a worthy contender to go head-to-head with Apple's TV

  5. Sony AIR-S20PK

    Sony AIR-S20PK

    Reviewed on 28th August 2009
    Price when reviewed £250

    This wireless music system delivers multi-room in simple style

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  7. Sony Gigajuke

    Sony Gigajuke

    Reviewed on 24th September 2008
    Price when reviewed £750

    On paper this wireless system seems close to multi-zone perfection, but it’s awkward and underperforming

  8. Sony Vaio VGX-TP2S/B

    Sony Vaio VGX-TP2S/B

    Reviewed on 18th June 2008
    Price when reviewed £1100

    Stylish looks, and includes a Blu-ray drive, but lets itself down with only average picture and sound quality