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  1. Roksan K3 DAC

    Roksan K3 DAC

    Reviewed on 15th April 2016
    Price when reviewed £1250

    We had high hopes for Roksan's new DAC, but it doesn't quite meet expectations...

  2. Roksan K3 CD Di

    Roksan K3 CD Di

    Reviewed on 28th October 2015
    Price when reviewed £1300

    Roksan does it again with a CD player that looks, and sounds, the part...

  3. Roksan K3

    Roksan K3

    Reviewed on 11th February 2015
    Price when reviewed £1250

    An excellent all-rounder that not only delivers big sound, energy and texture in spades but does so for a very reasonable price

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  4. Roksan Darius S1

    Roksan Darius S1

    Reviewed on 24th November 2014
    Price when reviewed £4250

    The Darius S1 are excellent performers and one of the most enjoyable standmounters we’ve heard in years

  5. Roksan Kandy K2 BT

    Roksan Kandy K2 BT

    Reviewed on 9th April 2014
    Price when reviewed £895

    A delivery packed with power and punch, but some of the heart and soul is missing

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  7. Roksan Caspian M2 CD

    Roksan Caspian M2 CD

    Reviewed on 5th November 2010
    Price when reviewed £1650

    Best CD player £1500+, Awards 2014. In our opinion the finest CD player available at anywhere near this price

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  8. Roksan Caspian M2

    Roksan Caspian M2

    Reviewed on 14th September 2010
    Price when reviewed £1650

    Best stereo amp £1500+, Awards 2013. It's had a re-design, but Roksan's Caspian M2 is still a formidable amplifier, and we like this latest version

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  9. Roksan Radius 5.2

    Roksan Radius 5.2

    Reviewed on 1st October 2009
    Price when reviewed £1375

    Best turntable up to £1200+, Awards 2010. Few turntables can handle complexity with such skill, yet still produce such a musical sound

  10. Roksan Kandy K2 CDS

    Roksan Kandy K2 CDS

    Reviewed on 23rd September 2009
    Price when reviewed £895

    The new version of the K2 is all gain with no pain – if only that pesky Cyrus CD 6 SE wasn't around...

  11. Roksan Caspian FR-5

    Roksan Caspian FR-5

    Reviewed on 3rd June 2009
    Price when reviewed £2475

    Roksan's Caspian FR-5 floorstanders are a superb listen, but could do with being more even-handed