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  1. Creative Zen Style M100 4GB

    Creative Zen Style M100 4GB

    Reviewed on 19th December 2011
    Price when reviewed £35

    Neat ultra-portable player that packs a punch

  2. Creative Ziio 10

    Creative Ziio 10

    Reviewed on 30th August 2011
    Price when reviewed £200

    Running an older version of Android, the Creative Ziio 10 feels outdated and as a tablet is an underwhelming experience

  3. Creative Zen X-Fi Style 16GB

    Creative Zen X-Fi Style 16GB

    Reviewed on 8th October 2010
    Price when reviewed £100

    A multi-media portable, the Creative Zen X-Fi Style 16GB is very likeable and affordable

  4. Creative Zen X-Fi2 (32GB)

    Creative Zen X-Fi2 (32GB)

    Reviewed on 22nd February 2010

    This multimedia player may represent good value, but while Apple's around, its performance is just mediocre

  5. Creative Zen Mosaic (8GB)

    Creative Zen Mosaic (8GB)

    Reviewed on 17th April 2009
    Price when reviewed £70

    Its video presentation might not be up to much, but this Creative excels with audio and it's affordable too!

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  7. Creative Zen X-Fi W/less LAN (32GB)

    Creative Zen X-Fi W/less LAN (32GB)

    Reviewed on 18th November 2008
    Price when reviewed £200

    Majors on portability and competitively priced, but not so hot when it comes to pure performance

  8. Creative Zen Vision W (30GB)

    Creative Zen Vision W (30GB)

    Reviewed on 19th July 2007
    Price when reviewed £220

    Smooth, slick, easy to use and reasonably cheap

  9. Creative Zen Vision:M (30GB)

    Creative Zen Vision:M (30GB)

    Reviewed on 6th February 2006
    Price when reviewed £150

    An imitation of a better model that doesn't quite satisfy