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  1. Acoustic Energy Aego Soundbar

    Acoustic Energy Aego Soundbar

    Reviewed on 26th October 2016
    Price when reviewed £200

    A surprisingly big sound from this affordable, compact soundbar...

  2. Acoustic Energy 3 Series 5.1

    Acoustic Energy 3 Series 5.1

    Reviewed on 17th April 2014
    Price when reviewed £2425

    A fusion of decent build, looks and performance make this an attractive surround sound proposition

  3. Acoustic Energy Neo V2

    Acoustic Energy Neo V2

    Reviewed on 2nd February 2011
    Price when reviewed £400

    It might not have the serious punch of some other subwoofers on the market, but AE's Neo v2 makes up for quantity with amazing quality

  4. $198.85