If you're lucky enough to live in the USA, Warner Home Video will swap your old DVDs for shiny new Blu-rays of the same films

How's this for a deal? Warner Home Video in the US is offering customers the chance to trade in their DVDs in exchange for Blu-ray discs, giving them the chance to "jump start" their Blu-ray collection.

Under the terms of the deal, customers can log on to the Warner website, select the films they want, and  then send in their DVDs (minus the case) to the processing centre. Warner will then send them a Blu-ray  of the same film.

Warner and other studios made similar offers for former HD-DVD owners in the days after the end of the format war.

Sadly the current offer is only available to customers in the US. We think a similar offer over here would be fantastic. Come on Warner, make it so!

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