You can save over 54% on a subscription to the best hi-fi magazine there is, and pay just £24.98 for a load of high-quality reading - plus get a Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920 completely free!

Little in life is better than going online to read What Hi-Fi? ... apart from, perhaps, getting What Hi-Fi? delivered straight to your home (whether in print or digital form).

And what's even better than that? Getting it for less money, and with free stuff!

When you subcribe to our print and digital package - which delivers six months of all the best hi-fi and home cinema content to your smartphone, tablet, and through your letter-box - you save over 50%. 54%, to be precise. That drops the price down from the very reasonable £53.88 to just £24.98.

Or, if you just want the the print magazine, you can save 27% with a price drop from £29.94 to just £21.99.

But that's not enough for readers as discerning as ours, so have a wireless speaker on us too. The five-star Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920 has great bass reach, ample volume and excellent build quality (as if we'd give you anything less). And is worth £69.

Subscribing is simple: hit this link and choose whether you want digital and print, or just the print issues. Enjoy...

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Link doesn't work

The link for the offer takes you to a page that says No offers are available for this title. Sad