JVC Kenwood no glasses 3D
Joint project between government technology body and JVC Kenwood creates 4.5x2.5m panel

Japan's National Institute of Information and Communications Technology has announced that, working with engineers from JVC Kenwood, it has developed a 200in 3D display able to be viewed without glasses.

It's a development of the work we've covered recently, using multiple projectors to create the image: in the case of the latest version, the picture is made up of 57 images projected onto the screen using 64 projectors.

One problem with this technology has been the fact that vertical stripes could appear on the screen where the images meet up, but the researchers say that this problem has been solved using developments including a special film and lens on the screen.

Such technologies use the screen to direct the images to viewers' left and right eyes, allowing them to function like those old lenticular 3D still pictures.

At the moment, viewers need to be within an area around 1.3m wide in front of the screen to see the 3D image, but there are plans to widen this.

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However, this will require even more projectors: the engineers say they hope to create a 4m wide viewing area with the use of 200 projectors.

With all that involved, it's unlikely this particular technology will become mainstream for home use any time soon: at the moment the plan is for field trials to start from 2013 following more development.

The main focus of the project will be on large displays for advertising and industrial uses such as 3D computer-aided product design.Follow whathifi.com on Twitter Join whathifi.com on Facebook