'World's first full-HD 3D TVs' on sale in Japan soon, in 50in and 54in sizes

Panasonic will launch 3D TVs in Japanese shops on April 23. Two 'full-high-definition 3D' plasma models will go on sale: a 50in model and a 54-incher. Both models will come with one pair of 3D glasses.

The 50in model is expected to sell for Y430,000 (just over £3000), which is some Y60,000, or around 16%, more than the current price of a 50in Panasonic plasma in Japan. That's in line with comments made by the company at the CEATEC 2009 show last Autumn, when it suggested a price differential of around 15%

The larger 54in model will sell for Y530,000, or around £3750, and users wanting to buy extra pairs of 3D glasses will find them on sale for about Y10,000 (£70).

Panasonic says it hopes this pricing will help it sell a million sets worldwide in the first year. It will release 3D plasma TVs in the US and Europe at around the same time, and aims to sell 10m 3D TVs in the 2012-2013 financial year.

As well as the TVs, the company will be launching a trio of 3D-capable Blu-ray Disc recorders and one player on April 23, and has plans to introduce 3D digital cameras, mobile phones and PCs.

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