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One of the best Amazon Prime Day deals of the day on this fine little wireless speaker.

Amazon Prime Day is known for bringing you great deals, but rarely does it offer something as welcome as this: 50 per cent off a five-star wireless speaker.

The Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920 is a small, metallic speaker that gained its top-of-the-shop rating thanks to its impressive bass power, its ability to fill a room and the surprising clarity of its midrange.

Carrying it about is simple too - the build is smooth, the metal is sleek, and it's got good balance to its weight. It feels reassuring yet convenient.

While it usually costs around £100, Amazon has dropped the price further - until the end of Prime Day it's available for £50. 

With a claimed battery life of eight hours, a 3.5mm input and 20W of stereo power to be getting on with, those looking for a straightforward wireless speaker shouldn't hang around. The Jam Heavy Metal HX-P920 is certainly one of the more striking bargains out there.


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