We first saw the Cambridge Audio One music system at the High End Show in Munich back in May, and it's just gone on sale in the UK for £350 through Richer Sounds.

The one-box music system features a CD player, built-in DAC (digital-to-analogue converter), DAB+/FM radio, amplifier and Bluetooth streaming. The Class AB amplifier delivers a claimed 30W per channel into 8ohms. 

Other technical highlights include a large toroidal power supply, a Wolfson WM8728 DAC, plus RCA, USB, optical and coaxial digital inputs. It's available in black or white and comes with a full-size remote control. Speakers are not included.

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USB Only for Charging

Why the USB only for charging ? 

Cambridge Audio need to improve the products

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Cambridge Audio Improve?

I think you will find that Cambridge Audio has done just that over the years and offer some great bits of kit at very good prices. Can't find anything on the 'USB only for charging' comment. Where did you see that?

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What we need is a pure digital version

Couple a box like this, operating in 128-bit digital domain with a pair of active, DSP'd speakers and we are getting close to a system that can deliver perfect source with loudspeakers that are able to compensate for room and time delay. Umm, sorry, that would mean a complete redesign...devil

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A very nice looking micro

A very nice looking micro system from Cambridge Audio. I'm sure it sounds great too.

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testing it.

Nice to watch and well builded.

Easy to use.

The quickest bluetooth ever.

You got "USB Audio in" by cable to your PC/MAC. 

In terms of quality it Marks well the difference between CDsmiley and MP3 crying

I'm testing it with a pair of brand new Canton Chrono 570 sl.2, so I need more time to judge how it sounds. 



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just don't play mix cd.

 After some hours of listening I can say that it sounds good and that is enaugh powerful for a 25 mq room.

Avoid it  you like to play mix cd's: u will hear a little break between every track and this could be very annoying for your ears.