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The Best of the Week - 18/06/07

From the latest news from the Blu-ray/HD DVD battlefront, to new download services and some of the dinkiest amps we've ever seen, it's all here

This week we've...

• Been out to the Czech Republic to take a first look at the tiny Pro-Ject Box Design electronics, and seen a preview of the company's forthcoming Genie turntable

• Taken a look at a new download service aiming to take on iTunes at its own game

• And wondered whether some TVs are too big for us Brits, and whether the days of the standby button are numbered.

Our most-viewed story remains our 'behind the scenes' report from Onkyo HQ in Osaka, the company considering whether it might abandon its past allegiance to HD DVD and look to develop a dual format player. Maybe the latest announcement from Blockbuster in the States might influence things

Meanwhile over in the forums, you've been asking whether 1080i or 720p offers best picture quality, looking for multiroom music systems and wondering what ToC means on a CD player. And no, it's not what comes after TiC...

Oh, and there's a new issue of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision in the shops now. Click here for more details

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