BeoVision 10-46
After the 'positive reception' of the BeoVision 10-40 TV, Bang & Olufsen has announced plans for a 46in silbling

If you're not adverse to spending a few quid on a prestige TV, then you'll be pleased to know there's another option in the pipeline.Bang & Olufsen, the Danish manufacturers of high-end, uber-desirable AV kit, has announced plans for the BeoVision 10-46, a 46in version of its latest screen.

The BeoVision 10-46 will be based on an LCD panel with Edge LED backlight, as in the 10-40, and featuresthe same 200Hz panel.

Noted for their audio ability, exact details for the latest screen are yet to be announced but should be similar to the existing BeoVision 10, with integrated speakers and amplification and a custom-made bass port. 

Priceing is yet to be announced but with the 40in model selling at around £6k, expect to have to break in to a few piggy banks.

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