House Rules

Welcome to the What Hi-fi? Sound and Vision Forums, your essential destination for discussion, advice and information about all things home entertainment.

We aim to offer friendly, lively Forums where members can share opinions as well as knowledge and experiences. To keep things fun and fair for everyone, we ask you all to read - and expect you to abide by - the following rules.

Any additions to the site - including comments on news stories and blogs, as well as Forum posts - that breach these rules are subject to editing and/or deletion by the site's administrators. Members who break the rules will also receive a warning and/or be banned from the site.

1. Members must not post libellous, racist, aggressive or otherwise insulting or abusive remarks about any individual, company or organisation. Racism, sexism and homophobia will not be tolerated.

2. Members must not use swear words, or offensive phrases or terminology in their posts, user names or signatures.

3. Members must not post any pornographic or otherwise offensive images or text that could be distressing to any other member. This includes the picture chosen as your Avatar.

4. Posts must not include links to inappropriate material - which includes pornographic or offensive images or information.

5. Members must not submit information disclosed to them in confidence or post any material which compromises the security or privacy of anyone other than themselves.

6. Members must not promote illegal activities in any way, including linking to illegal material (this includes music, movie and TV downloads) in their posts.

7. Members must not post images or information owned by other third parties.

8. Members must not post or link to spam of any nature.

9. Pictures are not allowed in signatures, and please try to keep signatures as brief as possible. Lengthy lists of equipment and pictures can be posted in the 'Your system' section of the forums, with a link in the user's signature to the relevant post.

10. Manufacturers, retailers, service providers and their staff are required to identify themselves as such in their signature. ‘Trade’ members of the forum failing to meet these conditions will be removed, as will those the moderators suspect to be trade members posting under an alias.

11. The site must not be used to solicit business of any kind – this includes any information in signatures and biographies, and specifically prohibits trade users from linking within forum posts or their signature to their websites, special offers, etc..

Neither shall trade members use the forums to encourage members to contact them for special offers or advantageous pricing. offers a range of advertising opportunities that can be used to promote relevant products and services - click on Contact Us for more information.

12. Trade members, dealers, manufacturers and their PRs must not use the forums to blatantly 'promote' products they sell or distribute.

13. Members should not register more than once, nor submit the same or similar posts to more than one area of the site. Duplicate registrations, threads or posts will be deleted. Members are also encouraged to search for the topic they intend to post before starting a new thread, as existing discussions may already exist for them to join.

14. If you feel a post or profile has been unfairly altered or removed, please use the Contact Us page to register your views.

15. We will not tolerate abusive criticism of What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision,, its publisher and staff. We will also remove any links to other sites abusing What Hi-Fi? Sound and Vision,, its publisher and staff.

16. It is forbidden for members to pass themselves off as moderators or administrators of the site if they are not, nor must they pretend to be other posters on the Forums.

17.  These rules are devised simply to ensure the smooth running of the forum and keep discussion as friendly as possible.  The moderators reserve the right to ban posters whom they see as being contrary to that spirit, whether or not specific house rules have been contravened.

These rules are regularly reviewed, and may be updated at any time - please use the Contact Us page to notify us of any perceived breach of any of the above, or to suggest any additions or amendments.