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why upgrade

I have a Marantz CD-63ki with a Chord Mod to the power supply, Rotel RA-1062 amp (from a what hifi comp) and Kef IQ5. The CD player is 10+ years old.

My question is has CD technology really moved on that would warrant me changing. The CD player was 500 and the CD mod was 270. The player still works and obviously the sound is good.

In most technical areas you do get more for less as time progresses but is it true with CD players compared to 2001; If I was to spend £500 on a new player would I hear a step change in performance and quality; the only advantage I can see is routing other digital sources via the DAC.

Thanks for any insights


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RE: Your system

Yes, Digital to Analog converters have improved a lot since 90's. Higher S/N ratio, improved channel separation and better dynamic range. Newer CD players sound more natural overall, ie, less fatiguing and grainy on highs, better dynamics (with real slam), etc.

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RE: Your system

Even the transport has changed over the years as more manufacturers tweak the servo...

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RE: Your system

I agree. Don't upgrade. You are obviously happy.

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